Delivering exceptionally high quality Timberframes throughout Eastern Ontario including the Ottawa Valley, Rideau Lakes and the St Lawrence River basin since 2001.


Working with¬† SoulCraft made the timber framing aspect of an ambitious project easy to manage. They enthusiastically suggested tweaks to the design and crafted a beautiful frame within a tight timeline. I had the pleasure of helping raise the frame and learned a ton as we assembled and raised each bent. Due to project schedule slippage in getting to the timber framing stage – my fault alone – we had to raise the frame during the frigid winter months. Oliver’s patience, inexplicable resilience, resourcefulness, and attention to detail helped to surmount mother nature’s continual attempt to slow the project.

Over the years, The SoulCraft family have been a source of advice and above all, great friends. From our initial discussion over a coffee, I felt they placed my needs at the forefront. Oliver thankfully challenged my assumptions, kept a level head, coached me through my first house build, and delivered a beautiful frame.

Best wishes to the SoulCraft family!

Marc Berube

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